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Breaking Financial Barriers: Moving and Bridging Loans as Your Key to Property


Fast-Track Your Property Goals

Homeowners in Paihia can take advantage of bridging loans, which are quick, flexible, and offer short-term funding options with terms of a year or less. This financial strategy can help cover short-term expenses until a longer-term loan is found or other funds, like those from a house sale, are accessible.

If you weigh the consequences of losing out on your dream home against the benefits of taking advantage of a bridging loan, the importance of the former becomes clear. The large advantages of bridging loans frequently surpass the costs, even when there are expenditures involved.

If you're planning to move, downsize, or upgrade, waiting for your current house to sell may not be a practical choice in real estate situations when the ideal property comes available. Properties in Paihia may be bought up quickly, beyond the time it takes for your sale, if there is a shortage of homes or if the market is very competitive.

Please allow us to introduce you to a seasoned mortgage broker so that you may put yourself in a position to take advantage of a better mortgage opportunity. The complexities of moving and bridging loans might be overwhelming, but with their help, you can navigate the process and make well-informed decisions that are unique to your situation.

Let Laura find the lender that works best for you

The Power and Perks of Bridging Loan and Moving Loans

When you need to purchase a house before selling another, you can get a short-term loan called a bridging loan or moving loan to help you out. Secured loans, like a bridge loan, require you to pledge an asset, like your house, as security for the loan. Moreover, a bridging loan might also be in your account fast, which is a huge plus. Bridging loans are less hazardous for lenders since they are secured against a high-value asset, typically a property, which allows you to borrow higher quantities.

The good news is that mortgage brokers can help you get the loan you need whether to bridge the financial gap or fund your move. If you would like the advice of an experienced mortgage broker in Paihia, we can put you in touch with one today!

Swift Moves, Strategic Choices

For many situations where quick cash isn't an option, bridging and moving loans can be a lifesaver.

For this reason, bridging loans are a common way to pay for the down payment and construction costs of a new house while you wait for a mortgage. However, if you need financial assistance while you relocate to a new house, a moving loan can help.

When applying for a bridging loan or a relocation loan, it's important to do your research and come up with a solid strategy to repay the money in full and on time. A mortgage broker may help you with this.

We know that the solution to your problems may lie in a bridging loan or a moving loan. But who better to consult than a seasoned mortgage broker? We can put you in

touch with one in Paihia. Call us!

FAQs - Moving & Bridging

What exactly is a bridging loan, and how does it work?

Bridging loans are short-term financial instruments designed to bridge the gap between the purchase of a new property and the sale of an existing one. They provide temporary funding, typically for 12 months or less, helping individuals or businesses secure the necessary finances until a more permanent solution, like the sale of a property, is realised.

What is a moving loan, and how does it differ from traditional loans?

A moving loan is a specialised financial product designed to cover the costs associated with moving to a new location. Unlike traditional loans, moving loans take into account the unique expenses tied to relocating, such as packing, transportation, and temporary accommodation. They offer a flexible solution to make the moving process more manageable.

How do I choose the right bridging loan or moving loan for my needs?

Selecting the right bridging loan involves evaluating factors such as

interest rates, loan terms, and associated fees. It's crucial to align the

loan with your specific financial goals and circumstances. Consulting with a mortgage broker can provide valuable insights, ensuring you choose a bridging loan that suits your needs and helps you achieve your property-related objectives.

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Opening Doors to Your Future Home


Buying your first home is exciting. But also daunting. Don't be put off from your dream, let Laura guide you.


Whether it is the end of a fixed rate deal or simply a change in circumstances it makes sense to look at your options.

Debt Consolidation

Combine your debt to pay it down faster. Giving you the financial freedom you deserve to achieve your goals.

New Build Finance

Building a new home? Secure new build finances so you only draw down the money when necessary saving you $$$.

Investment Purchase

Increasing your property portfolio? Secure the best rates for your investment property with Mortgage Broker Paihia.

Moving & Bridging

Whether you need to buy before selling or simply bridge your finances. A bridging loan could be the right solution.


Combine your debt to pay it down faster. Giving you the financial freedom you deserve to achieve your goals.


Whether you need to buy before selling or simply bridge your finances. A bridging loan could be the right solution.

Why go for ‘Mortgage Broker Paihia’?

Get great mortgage advice and insights from Laura Cates.

Laura is an expert in the field of loans and will do her best to secure the finest deal for you.

With her extensive industry connections, Laura Cates of Mortgage Lab can put you in touch with a wide variety of reliable New Zealand lenders.

It is simple and stress-free to complete and submit your application online. Alternatively, you can meet in person, via Zoom meeting, telephone, or over the phone.

Whatever your situation, Laura has access to over 26 lenders, turning the odds in your favour.

Owning a home is a cherish dream. However, when it comes to loans many people fail to take into account what they can afford. That said, a home loan entails monthly payments on a long-term mortgage. You can count on Laura, she is here to assist you in making sure your debt is manageable and sustainable for the future.

Make sure the mortgage broker you choose puts your needs first. Definitely, not the banks!

Whole of marketing lending is within reach.

Explore more options, not just one bank

Open more doors to possible lenders through their network

Always multitasking - a mortgage expert can review existing insurances at the same time

Free mortgage insights to move you forward

There is no fees payable by you (The bank pays the fees!)

Remortgage now and save money in interest payments

Get the best rates by letting you mortgage expert find the perfect financing partner for you.

Take years off your mortgage payments, giving you more freedom to enjoy

Get out of debt faster and focus on what's important to you



What is a Home Loan?

A Home Loan, provided by a bank, enables property purchase, with a commitment to repay over a specified time frame. In New Zealand, these loans typically extend over 20-30 years. Failure to meet payments may result in the bank selling or claiming the property. Bank financing is a common avenue for New Zealand homeowners to make their housing aspirations a reality.

Why should I consult with Mortgage Broker In Paihia, such as Laura Cates rather than dealing directly with a bank?

The personalised service we once anticipated from our banks is now from a bygone era. With a broker Like Laura advocating for you, that individual connection is restored, aligning with your best interests and actively working to secure optimal outcomes for you. As a mortgage broker, Laura assesses policies, rates, and banks' preferences for your unique circumstances. This ensures placement with lenders offering favourable outcomes and terms tailored to your needs.

How much will mortgage brokers cost me in fees?

In most cases, brokers do not demand payment. The banks will pay them a commission once your loan is paid off. This commission is not taken out of your wallet; rather, it is seen by the banks as part of the expense of customer onboarding and may be sourced from their marketing or staffing budget, among other places.

You will not be charged for the time and service provided by a broker. BUT, in a few cases, you might need a private or non-bank lender, and in those cases, the lender might end up charging you more for our service. No action will be taken without your complete understanding and authority to do so, and if your circumstance is likely to fall into this category, we will discuss it with you thoroughly in advance.

Home loans for first-time home owners here in Paihia

A first-time homebuyer may feel overwhelmed. Having someone there to guide you, provide guidance, and provide support can make a world of difference at times. Consider the route to homeownership an emotional journey as well as a financial adventure! Laura is happy to assist first-time homebuyers, and she would love the chance to do the same for you.

Investment purchase / top up existing borrowing

A skilled mortgage broker will discover the best option for your needs, whether you are looking to fund home improvements, topping up or buying an investment property. With Laura's assistance, you can navigate this process smoothly. The choice is yours – whether to save money while settling debts or make an investment property thrive. Don't hesitate to reach out - Laura is here to assist you without delay.

New build lending - Building your dream home here in the Paihia district?

The ongoing construction boom in Paihia presents an opportune time to acquire your dream home. However, potential hurdles like delays, supply shortages, and price fluctuations may impact your application. For a smoother financing process, consult an expert mortgage broker in Paihia like Laura who can keep you informed about these developments to ensure a more seamless experience.

What about fixed rate rollovers or re-mortgaging?

As the financial landscape evolves, your interest rates fluctuate. A shift in rates is an ideal opportunity to engage in a conversation with a mortgage broker. Is your current bank meeting your needs? What offerings do other lenders have? Moving your business could potentially yield a significant cash contribution. Laura can help you explore avenues to reduce expenses or adjust loan terms through simple tweaks, ensuring your financial strategy remains optimised.

Dream Homes Begin with Expert Mortgage Advice

Laura can help you secure the ideal mortgage, turn that dream into a real world address. Whether you're a first-time buyer or seeking a refinancing solution, unlock the door to your dream home in Paihia with the assurance of a knowledgeable mortgage broker every step of the way.

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